OxyContin is a brand name of Oxycodone and it is the active ingredient of OxyContin. It was in 1995 that this brand was released in the market. People suffering from severe pain disorders are prescribed OxyContin, which is a prescription Schedule II drug.

Nowadays different forms of this drug are being manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies. Being a clinical medicine, OxyContin is a strong pain killer which has a time-release feature and covers a period of twelve hours. Since OxyContin is a prescription drug that cannot be legally obtained without a doctor’s medical recommendation, unauthorized possession of OxyContin is a criminal offence and leads to prosecution.

OxyContin affects the moods of users, which makes this prescription drug highly addictive. In the last ten years OxyContin usage has increased dramatically, leading to large-scale addiction.

Though Oxys are more expensive than heroin, they provide a similar high to that of heroin. The difference is that heroin is an illegal drug, whereas OxyContin is a legal pharmaceutical drug that is supposed to be controlled.

With more and more people becoming addicted to OxyContin, illegal usage has increased as well.  It’s not uncommon for dope pushers to have a supply of Oxys or Roxys on hand for easy distribution and generous profit.

OxyContin Slang Terms:

  • Oxies
  • Oxys
  • OCs
  • OxyCotton
  • cotton
  • hillbilly heroin
  • killers
  • painkillers

OxyContin abuse has increased significantly over the years.  Being a narcotic pain killer, Oxy has become the most preferred choice among drug addicts.

Since this drug is available in a pill form, it can be easily consumed. Most abusers crush it into powder and snort it, and they also swallow it in its pill form. Many addicts dissolve Oxy pills in water and inject the drug intravenously. Injecting OxyContin solution leads to serious side effects because in this process time-release feature of the drug gets tampered, leading to an instant high. When the effect of shooting up OxyContin becomes prolonged it can lead to death. Such usages can lead to conditions which medically become difficult to gauge.

OxyContin is a prescription drug and cannot be obtained without a legitimate prescription, yet abusers use different ways to get it. One of the most frequently applied tactics is ‘doctor shopping.’ People without any illness regularly visits different doctors and fake their ailments, and in the process they will acquire prescriptions of certain drugs. These prescribed drugs are then procured and subsequently used wrongly or passed on to other drug addicts.

There are a number of other ways through which OxyContin is obtained, for example, robbery, stealing prescriptions or making fake ones, buying through Internet pharmacies, etc.

According to reports, teenagers who are into consumption of illegal drugs like heroin also use OxyContin because they derive the same high. In fact, OxyContin is mostly abused by teenagers.

With a significant increase in OxyContin abuse, the number of deaths has gone up dramatically. This has compelled many states to impose a ban on its illegal use.

Steps like prescription monitoring and banning its sale through Internet pharmacies have also been taken by many states. However, despite all these steps, OxyContin abuse is continuing in an undeterred way and increasing at a steady rate.

With its increased use the demand for OxyContin pills has skyrocketed in the U.S., leading to flooding of the market with fake OxyContin.

OxyContin Withdrawal Symptoms

Oxy withdrawal symptoms are similar to that of heroin. If people who use OxyContin stop using it they start experiencing withdrawal symptoms which can be very severe.

The most common symptoms are restlessness, anxiety, sweating, and sudden chills. They may also become irritable, experience pain and weakness, cramps in stomach, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. In many cases abusers have reported high blood pressure, problems in their respiratory system, increased heart rate, etc.

It is actually the narcotic usage of OxyContin in high doses that can lead to serious consequences, which can also be fatal. Both OxyContin and alcohol depress the central nervous system and when both are taken together the results are even more serious.

Apart from OxyContin, there are other similar prescribed drugs like Percocet, Tylox, and Precedent, etc., which are also highly addictive. This is the major reason why most of these prescription drugs are not recommended at all.

In the places frequented by abusers and addicts alike, OxyContin is more commonly referred to as ‘oxy’ and in some places it is called ‘hillbilly heroin’.

Due to the highly addictive properties associated with OxyContin, people who have been prescribed often tend to become Oxy addicts. People start taking this drug in prescribed doses, but they gradually lose control over its use and start taking higher doses. They become more tolerant to Oxys and with the increase in their tolerance level the doses needed become even higher. OxyContin abusers, apart from experiencing pain relief, also feel ecstatic.

OxyContin Side Effects

Side effects of connected with OxyContin can sometimes be experienced even when it is taken in its prescribed form. People who have reported OxyContin overdose suffer from labored breathing, coma, seizures, etc. Turning off from OxyContin is, of course, difficult for those who have been consuming Oxys for quite a long time, but the problems associated with its consumption are so harsh that it must be taken into consideration as soon as possible.

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