Soma (Carisoprodol)

Soma is the trade name for the prescription drug that is known as Carisoprodol. Soma is a muscle relaxer used to relieve a person from pain caused due to spasms and muscle injuries. Doctors have been recommending this drug for many years now, but recently, most of them have stopped doing so. Many people who are prescribed this drug tend to take its high doses which leads to Soma addiction. The drug has been abused time and again, and so in some states in the US, Soma is no longer available. There are some states where the use of Soma has not been restricted, which is also the reason for the large number of muscle relaxer addictions today.

States where the use of Soma has been controlled include Arkansas, Florida, Alabama, Arizona, New Mexico, Kentucky, Minnesota, West Virginia, Indiana, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Georgia, and Oregon.

Today, Soma is among the most abused drugs in the US. There are many medical professionals who are of the opinion that Soma needs to be reclassified and put under DEA or Drug Enforcement Administration Regulations. Using Soma or other muscle relaxers can lead to habit formation, which can be fatal.

Soma Slang Terms:

  • muscle relaxers
  • somacid
  • soma coma
  • Las Vegas cocktail

From Injury Treatment to Habit Formation – The Story of a Transformation

Soma is a white 350 mg tablet manufactured by MedPointe Pharmaceuticals. There are many companies that also make this drug in generic form. When muscle relaxers are combined with certain other medicines, it becomes more dangerous and slowly the person taking this drug becomes addicted. Usually, heroin, alcohol, hydrocodone, diazepam, codeine, propoxyphene, and meprobamate are used with Soma. The final effect is much like heroin.

Even if you are not having it with any other drug, but just increased the doses or frequency than that of prescribed dose, it will make you an addict. And though its effect will not be like heroin, you will still experience a pleasing feeling. It can very quickly become a habit, and you might experience problems if you miss a dose.

When a person abuses Soma, the liver will metabolize the drug and alter it into Meprobamate, and this is when the drug gets transformed. Thus, if your liver is able to metabolize Soma more efficiently, then the effects of abuse are worse.

Soma Addiction in the United States

It is estimated that people of different ages from across the U.S. are abusing muscle relaxers like Soma. As per the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, as many as 2,276,000 people in the country who are more than 12 years of age have tried Soma without a valid prescription for once or more in their lives.

What is more alarming is that Soma seems to cross the U.S. borders from Mexico quite easily and is widely available in California and Arizona. At least the officers in the law enforcement department seem to think so. In these states, Soma is often referred to as Somacid. The street prices of Soma have also come down in recent years, and so more people have taken this on as a habit.

What Happens When You Take Soma?

This of course depends on the purpose for which you are taking it, and also how you are doing so. For example, if you are on Soma and are exactly following what the doctor has prescribed, you may or may not become addicted. However, if you are not trying to treat your injury and are abusing the medicine, then you will most likely suffer from Soma addiction.

Meprobamate is known for its anti-anxiety properties, and is therefore harmful when it reaches liver. It relaxes the nerves by sedating the central nervous system. But while it sedates the system, it can also cause a lot of damage. Soma causes giddiness and drowsiness. The effects are much like heroin and can give you a tremendous ‘high.’ The experience can be so unreal that there are many people who become completely dependent on muscle relaxers, and this is what leads to addiction. There are many abusers who also mix Soma with drugs and alcohol to enhance their effects.

Some popular combinations of Soma include the “Las Vegas Cocktail” – this is a combination of Vicodin and Soma, and “Soma Coma” – a combination of Codeine and Soma.

How Soma Can Harm You?

When you are taking Soma repeatedly as a habit, it can harm you in different ways. If you have developed a psychological addiction, then it can lead to blurred vision, drowsiness, dizziness, and you may even lose your sense of coordination. In extreme cases, Soma abuse can cause depression, vomiting, racing heartbeat, a feeling of chilliness, a feeling of stiffness in the chest, and general weakness.

You must always remember that the effects of Soma abuse can be dangerous. The results can even be fatal.

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