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Addiction, whether pertaining to alcohol or drugs, is a very serious issue and needs to be resolved as soon as possible. This insidious disease can affect almost every aspect of life from physical and psychological functioning to interaction and relationships with the community, as well as efficiency and productivity.

Though the jury is still out with respect to what kind of characteristics and traits are displayed in people more susceptible to addictions, it has been recognized that it takes a serious commitment to change behavioral patterns once addiction becomes a full blown issue.

If you or any of your loved ones has an addiction problem that needs immediate attention, then your best bet would be to get them introduced to an inpatient addiction treatment program. These are long term programs that could extend for a couple of weeks to a few months.

The best inpatient addiction treatment programs are facilities located outside the town where the addict is removed from the surroundings they used in. Though it is not completely solitary confinement, it is an environment where the addict’s interaction is restricted to professionals who can help them get over their addiction problems. This is ideal for helping the addict learn new patterns of behavior and for giving the right reinforcement to make recovery permanent. Without this, the treatment the addict receives within the facility lasts only as long as he is on the premises.

Read on to find out everything you ever wanted to know about the best inpatient addiction treatment programs and why they are ideal to institute permanent recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment Program Basics:

Inpatient programs that treat patients with substance addictions are designed so as to provide not only freedom from the addiction, but rehabilitation as well. The aim is to teach the patient new behavior patterns and help him or her learn experientially why these should be preferred to the ones used earlier. Once these behavior patterns have been learned, the recovering addict is taught how to get back to his regular life free from substance abuse.

Along with an emphasis on treating the physical and psychological aspects of the condition, inpatient addiction treatment programs also focus on teaching patients to adopt healthy lifestyles, while making right choices.

The main reason an inpatient drug rehab facility is recommended is that residential treatment programs are based on the premise that long lasting change cannot be instituted in an environment that you are already familiar with. Combined with the pressures of everyday life, family, friends, and job stress, it becomes next to impossible for you to focus specifically on your recovery.

An inpatient treatment program also includes psychological tests, therapy sessions which could be either individually or group, and family therapy where the whole family comes in for counselling. A strict schedule is also maintained with allotted times for work, exercise, and recreation. Provisions ensure that any chances of relapse are reduced to zero. But again, this is very difficult to guarantee.

An inpatient addiction treatment program is ideal for someone who has a serious addiction problem, but can take time off their busy schedules to work on the recovery process. Not everyone can do this or does this by choice. However, if your problem is serious enough and you do realize your need for help, then it is better to get working on it sooner rather than later.  After all, anything placed before recovery is usually lost anyhow.

The Best Inpatient Addiction Treatment Programs

An inpatient addiction treatment program that uses the 12 step model for recovery is usually the most effective. This model has been primarily associated with treating alcohol abuse, but can be used to treat a whole range of addictions. The best inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers also include treatment directed at the psyche, which includes individual and group therapy sessions, as well as counselling. In addition to this there are meditation and relaxation techniques, controlling your diet and exercise, and ensuring that the correct amounts of activity and leisure are engaged.

Advantages of a Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

The advantages of using an inpatient treatment to resolve your addiction are manifold. The first is that it allows you to take a break from regular life and all the pressures it contains and devote time to getting yourself better.

Research has shown that for patients with alcohol and substance abuse problems, inpatient treatments result in fewer complications and relapses. These programs allow better monitoring of the recovering addict’s progress. That means if the treatment is not effective and changes need to be made to it, then it is easier if the patient is within the facility itself. For those patients who have tried to remain clean unsuccessfully over long periods of time, the inpatient option has been found to work much better.

The most commonly used criticism of these programs is that the conditions created within the facility do not mirror those existing in the real world. Therefore, once outside the facility, the behavior patterns that are desirable might not stick and could be easily forgotten. This is all the more likely in an environment that contains the same stress and worries as earlier. However, part of the treatment includes getting you to think about ways in which the environment contributes to the problem and also how this can be changed.

If proper steps are taken to ensure that new patterns of behavior can be practiced effectively outside the treatment facility, then recovery will be a success.  The best inpatient drug rehab centers include a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) or Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) following inpatient treatment.  This step down approach to treatment slowly integrates the recovering addict back into society, which has been proven most successful.

With this information on inpatient addiction treatments, you can now work toward making a decision as to what kind of treatment you want to select.

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