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An inpatient treatment program marks the beginning of the recovery process, but in order to achieve life long sobriety, the journey can not stop here.  Transitioning from the shelter and safety of a drug rehab facility to the “real world” may seem overwhelming.  With help from the right halfway house, this critical stage in the quest for freedom can be conquered.

In many cases, the most effective course of action for permanent sobriety involves progressing straight from an addiction treatment program to a halfway house.

Halfway houses and sober living environments are designed to make the conversion from a drug rehab program into society easier.  Statistics show that when an individual goes from a treatment program to a halfway house their chances for relapse lessen.  Sober living halfway houses provide support and guidance, which enables recovering addicts and alcoholics the ability to easily reintegrate into society.

As with treatment centers, there are both effective and ineffective halfway houses and sober living environments.  You may notice some major differences when comparing one halfway house to another.  We can help you determine which sober living house is appropriate for you or your loved one.

The following is a list of guidelines to look for in a quality halfway house:

Immediate Dismissal:

  1. Being under the influence or using any mind or mood altering substance
  2. Drug or alcohol possession
  3. Weapon or firearm possession
  4. Fighting (physical or verbal, including threatening others)
  5. Sexual acts or relationships
  6. Damaging property
  7. Failure to follow curfew
  8. Non-compliance with rules or staff
  9. Refusing to submit urine analysis or breathalyzer test
  10. Any dishonest behavior (lying, involvement in criminal activity, etc.)
  11. Violating curfew

Evolving from a drug treatment program to society is a vital phase in early recovery.  With help from an effective halfway house, recovering individuals will have the support they need to construct a strong foundation for recovery.

When choosing a sober living environment, look for halfway house programs that include the following requirements:

  1. Attendance at 12 step meetings daily – Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Cocaine Anonymous (CA), etc.
  2. Mandatory on site halfway house meetings
  3. Obtaining an Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or Cocaine Anonymous sponsor with in the first week
  4. You must find a home group
  5. Finding full time “recovery friendly” employment (No bars, clubs, or anywhere serving liquor) – until you find a job, you should be actively looking
  6. You must be up and have your bed made in the morning
  7. Compliance with daily halfway household chores and responsibilities (cleaning, cooking, laundry)
  8. Rent payments must be made once a week and any extra money should be held by Halfway House Manager
  9. Frequent contact with Halfway House Manager to discuss your program of recovery

An effective halfway house or sober living facility will enforce all of these rules and guidelines while providing a safe environment that promotes recovery and healthy living.

Halfway House Sober Living: Early Recovery and a Sense of Purpose

When many think of a halfway house, a post prison, run down facility with ex-cons braiding each other’s hair comes to mind.  This misconception may even drive some away from this crucial step.  Truthfully, halfway houses are far from uncomfortable.   Many halfway houses include the essential amenities to make this stage of recovery more comfortable.

Some sober living halfway houses are conveniently located within walking distance from areas to find jobs, grocery stores and 12-step (Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous) clubhouse meeting places.  Halfway houses are generally furnished with the basic necessities for daily living.  You may find that some sober living halfway houses provide a pool for relaxation, a work out facility, and Internet access.

Selecting a clean, therapeutic halfway house in a safe location is the most sensible choice in this phase of the process.

High-quality sober living halfway houses not only remove recovering addicts from their using environments, but enable them to explore areas of their lives where they can find purpose and success.  Addicts and alcoholics are smart, driven people who go far in life when headed in the right direction.  Halfway houses sober living environments motivate residents to live up their potential in life free from the burden of addiction.

Successful halfway houses support recovering addicts in developing individual strengths and talents.  After all, it’s through working a program of recovery and finding these unique talents that recovering addicts can find wholeness as individuals.

Following this criterion when looking for a halfway house, will lighten the burden of your search.    With this kind of approach, you or your loved one can develop the basis of a strong foundation for recovery with minimal chance for relapse.

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