Women’s Treatment Programs

Neglect in women’s treatment has encouraged many drug rehab facilities to design treatment programs exclusively for women.

These women’s treatment programs specifically tailored with a female’s needs in mind can be very beneficial.  After all, no one understands women’s issues like other women.

Women suffering from problems with drugs or alcohol need a safe place where they can be motivated to find joy, and they can find change within themselves.  They need a quality women’s addiction treatment facility where they can become the women they were meant to be.

Research shows that men and women require different kinds of treatment and therapy when it comes to achieving long-term sobriety.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse and Addiction (NIDA) recognizes the fact that men and women need different treatment approaches in treating addiction. Therefore, the most effective treatment programs are those that offer separate men’s and women’s programs.

Women suffer if not as much, maybe more than men who struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction.  The difference is that many women tend to be silent drinkers, where as men tend to be engaged in activities.

Women generally use alcohol and drugs to self medicate or cope with pain.  Men may have outbursts of anger when intoxicated, but society makes this unacceptable for women.  Thus, women associate drinking and drugging with masking feelings and emotions.  It’s culturally accepted for a woman to use drinking as a way to relax from taking care of children and household activities.  In many cases, what begins as an outlet to “take the edge off” evolves into a very serious problem.

Research tells us that women become more easily addicted to alcohol and certain drugs than men.  The anatomy of a woman allows addiction to progress at a much faster rate than for a man. Women generally weigh less than men, so women get drunk much faster.

A woman’s body produces lower amounts of the liver enzyme that metabolizes alcohol.  This means that when a female drinks the same amount as a male, the woman’s blood alcohol content (BAC) will be greater.

Although both men and women suffering from substance abuse problems go through immense psychological issues, women are more likely to experience severe depression.  In addition to depression and anxiety, women who abuse drugs and alcohol generally experience very low self-esteem, which leads to a pattern of negative thinking and acting.

Women’s treatment programs focus on gender specific core issues associated with substance abuse.  Some of the gender specific needs focused on in a women’s treatment program include:

  • Trauma
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Domestic Violence
  • Grief and loss
  • Co-dependency
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Love addictions
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Body image issues
  • Dual diagnosis/eating disorders

A women’s treatment program offers a safe place where women can get honest with other women about their problems associated with drugs and alcohol.  In an environment away from men, women can focus on healing and work on any traumatic incidents that may have played a role in their addiction.

A treatment program without men gives women the opportunity to build a support group of other women.  This is a crucial part in a woman’s recovery.  Women’s treatment programs give women a nurturing environment where they will feel they are not being judged.  It’s a place where they can learn to trust other women, and where they can find their true identity.

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